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Klarif Authentique 3 Step Care

I am all about the cellular, and the beauty of the micro-machines- protons, neutrons, electrons, enzymes, quantum particles- that compose all of life.  On a cellular level, we are transformed by our thoughts.  Genetically we are transformed by our lifestyle.  And in our daily lifestyle, we are absorbing and reacting to every substance in our environment and in our beauty regime. What if there was a skincare regimen that could actually put cells to work on renewing themselves without a massive dose of antioxidants and active botanicals mixed into the process?  Celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore brings us a regime today for skin that is activated from the outside in, to get you glowing from the inside out!


From Chantal: ” A fellow Makeup Artist introduced me to Klarif and I am really glad that she did. Klarif Authentique  3 Step Care is a scientifically advanced, super-performing, 3-step skincare system that utilizes a mind blowing list of nature’s finest skin cell rejuvenating ingredients along with an enzyme activating technology that regenerates mitochondria.  It immediately goes to work to improve the complete look of skin in one application. Each step absorbs well into the skin without any heavy feel to it and leaves a clean, fresh, smooth, velvety texture. I have been using Klarif Authentique 3 Step Care on both women and men. We all notice transformed skin texture and immediate  firming of the skin, making it a perfect platform for makeup application. It certainly inspires excitement for long term results when you see such immediate results upon application.Visit the Klarif website HERE  to learn more about this super performance product line and their story.”


chantal2012-150x150Chantal Moore worksclosely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film. Her beauty and makeup adviceregularly appears in such magazines as InStyle and Glamour, and she has appeared on television as a beauty expert for E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and Fine Living Network. In 2009, she became Beauty Editor for the online lifestyle magazine Tangerine Living. In 2010, Chantal appeared on the MSN.com Kellogg’s Special K-sponsored series The Victory Project as resident Beauty Expert.  If you want to read much more of Chantal Moore’s genius tips and grounded, gorgeous beauty philosophy, you can watch videos of her in action on her website.  You can also keep up with her daily on Twitter and Facebook. 

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