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New Development

CleansingKLARIF’s R&D team acknowledges the importance of the skin, which is the first line of defense against all elements, such as microorganisms, atmospheric conditions, and pollutants.

The first line of defense includes the acid mantle, a thin layer of an acidic film on the surface of the skin, which plays a critical role in adjusting the function of the skin’s immune system.

The acid mantle, which normally has an ideal of pH 5.5, is to protect the skin from bacterial, fungal infections, and microorganisms. It provides direct protection against alkaline substances and supports the formation and maturation of epidermal lipids to maintain the barrier function.

The skin becomes more vulnerable to infection if the acid mantle loses its acidity. Washing the skin with high alkalinity soaps or detergents can cause a temporary loss of acid mantle. Constantly washing your skin will change the skin’s pH balance. It can take between 3 to 10 hours for your skin to return to normal, but continuous washing with alkaline cleansers can strip the acid mantle for up to 18 hours, making your skin vulnerable to abnormal bacterial growth. Your skin will break out.

KLARIF’s R&D team has been monitoring people with various skin conditions, such as dry and complex skin, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and more. We found out that they are closely related to the skin surface pH, which has an average higher than pH 7.2.

KLARIF’s R&D team has been conducting various experiments to create a mild cleanser with a low pH that can be used with the Authentique 3-Step Care by KLARIF. The last phase to be finalized.

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